Unusual skill-set

An ex poker-player and trader and a life-long coin collector with a passion for aspirational projects, my skill-set is somewhat different than the norm. Then again, what is really a norm when it comes to people?

What are my interests?

Even though I wasn’t much affected by the credit crunch, it spurred a deeper interest and fascination into macro economy, economic history and the financial system. The field of numismatics touch all of these subjects and, being a believer in ‘real’ value, I promote alternative investment and especially so called semi-numismatic gold. Read my blog article here to learn more about this field of numismatics.

How can I help you?

Being an entrepreneur, I know it’s extremely important to surround yourself with good people from different walks of life. Always interested to hear people’s stories, ideas and dreams, every now and then you find a connection that reaps a rewarding business relationship, or even partnership.

Many industries are becoming saturated and so it becomes more important for smaller businesses to niche themselves. Finding people with the right skill-set is crucial but can be extremely difficult. Writing a personal blog may help people reaching me, and vice versa.

Andreas Afeldt

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