Bringing the best of money blogs

In the information age of today there are so many bloggers and writers, all spinning the same information to get a new point across. You, the reader, are the commodity everyone is fighting for. And you are bombarded by information from all corners. It really takes a lot of time to go through even the most popular blogs to see what’s new – is it worth your time once a day or once a month?

We all know all information is portraying the world in one way or another beneficial to the person who wrote it. Just compare a news article from a US newspaper with a Saudi Arabian one, it soon becomes clear that there are different interests in play. Which one is right or wrong often means you have to go deeper and subsequently form your own opinion.

Unfortunately, in the information world we live in few people have time to do their own research, but simply take what they’re being served to by an established media entity, forgetting that there are always stakeholders and different interests in play.

I spend a lot of time going through a select, yet quite large, number of websites and blogs that publish content that sometimes explain things in more detail. I could tell you what those blogs are called and who to listen to but it will take you a lot of time to screen all of them. Time you don’t have. So following a smaller number of blogs like this one will save you lots of time!

Comments about what I write, or what you would like to read about are most welcome! Even just saying hi!

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